About Your Visit: What should you expect?

Arrival and Check-In

When you first visit our center, the friendly reception staff will confirm your address, contact and insurance information, as well as answer any initial questions you may have. You will be asked to fill out a general health form, that you may also access here (or in our “forms” section) if you wish to complete it prior to your visit.

Patient Survey

The patient survey is another document we require to help us to understand the nature of your spine condition. It will ask specific questions related to any pain you may be having, history of spine problems, specific area of concern and more. This will help our physicians to better assess your symptoms in order to provide an accurate diagnosis upon completion of your consultation and clinical exam.

Clinical Examination

At Precision Spine Center, the clinical examination may include both a consultation and a physical assessment, and may involve more than one practitioner, depending on your specific clinical situation. Previous test results may be reviewed or discussed among members of our team. Also, because of the multidisciplinary nature of our professional team, we will first attempt to determine if a non-surgical option is available to treat your condition.

Patient Education

Prior to leaving your appointment, you will receive information about your current condition, as well as helpful resources that you can access to learn more about your treatment options. If additional diagnostic testing is required, we will recommend specific tests as well as the locations where the tests may be performed.

Next Steps

As with any important healthcare decision, you will wish to learn all of your options and discuss these with family and/or friends. Should you elect to proceed with a recommended course of action, we will inform you of the next steps in the process, procedure scheduling, patient preparation and more.